Upcycling, the next best thing

Upcycling, the next best thing

Upcycling is the transformation of waste materials to something useful or valuable and therefore, giving it a second life and greater value.

Why is important Upcycling?

1. Reduces the amount of waste that ends in landfills.
There are a lot of materials that are strongly dangerous for the soil, “Soils can become contaminated with all sorts of chemicals—from oil, gasoline, or pesticides to a variety of industrial chemicals and mining wastes. This contamination may occur through unintended spills, although in the past waste materials of these types were frequently disposed of by dumping on soils” Fred Magdoff.

2. Preserves the limited resources that we have.
When you Upcycle you avoid using raw materials that may be limited, it can be the wood used for furniture or any other natural good that we use to create new products.

3. Support local and small businesses.
Retailers and brands of all sizes can take steps to become more sustainable by implementing green initiatives.Greg Petro.

Hôtel Vetements

4. Enhances creativity. It could be the best way to resolve this environmental crisis by using pre-existing materials.

5. In the retail business. Upcycling reduces cloth and textile waste by reusing dead stock or used fabric to create new garments and products. Last year, we discharged 62 million tons of textiles a year according to Eco-Age.

Especially in fashion, there is something sentimental in the fact of keeping something for many years until it gets almost ripped. Who hasn’t got an old denim jacket from the ’90s? Or grandma’s old coat? Even a leather bag from mum. Besides, trends come and go over the years, and sometimes it is a matter of keeping your clothes in good shape to be able to re-design them. By Upcycling a piece of garment you are giving it a new and long life. There is not just creativity involved in this process but also a good textile ability to be able to succeed in this world of Upcycling.

There are currently, some fashion brands that using Upcycling as its way of creation and they are doing great things. The Archivist is a fashion brand that uses luxury hotel bed linen, from the most luxurious hotels in London to make shirts. Hôtel Vetements works also with hotel discards, by creating beautiful pieces of garments made of hotel curtains. Rave Review, seek in vintage and second-hand market pieces that they will convert into new ones in their collections. Anekdot makes underwear and lingerie using materials sourced from production leftovers. Lara Intimates creates also underwear and lingerie from responsibly sourced deadstock fabric.

The list of brands working with Upcycling is getting bigger day by day because more designers and brands are getting concerned over the years. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries of the world and the need to work towards a more sustainable practice is very urgent.


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