Sustainable Christmas gifts

Sustainable Christmas gifts

Christmas season is always a dangerous moment in the year, in terms of massive consumerism. There is no wonder that we are are trying to do the less damage to the planet as we can, but sometimes it is not enough. The covered impacts of human labor, ecological damage, and abundant waste that go into making more and more stuff is irrecoverable. Every year, despite the attempts of not buying “more stuff,” we ended up buying whatever unnecessary gift (just because it’s Christmas) to a beloved one.

We have grown with the idea that when you wake up on Christmas Day you would find a huge amount of presents under the tree. We need to re educate our kids on this ideas and re invent Christmas Day. There are many gifts that could be priceless without ending in the trash can after one week of unwrapping them. “The essence of giving gifts is to show admiration, love, care, and respect to those around us” (Leyla Acaroglu).

But at the end this practise has become an environmental catastrophe. There are many ways to show love to those beloved ones, and they could be countless if we really use our imagination and our creativity.

You can always buy tickets for the theatre, a local massage, a beautiful dinner, a performance, or even a budget-friendly adventure. This allows the experience provider to benefit as much as the gift recipient.

If you prefer to buy something I would recommend to go for a sustainable gift shop where you can buy reusable coffee cups, zero waste make up, reusable metal straws or bamboo toothbrush, among many other things. This could help to introduce anyone into the often confusing and sometimes expensive world of sustainability.

You can also explore the world of up-cycling. There are a lot of good brands that create amazing products through the up-cycling of waste as for example Zouri shoes which uses plastic trash from the Portuguese coast together with ecologic and sustainable materials and make shoes. Iaios make sweaters out of recycled wool. Cled make jewellery from discarded glass bottles. If you dig into sustainable brands you will find countless ideas.

To be part of this change, you just need to be creative in your thinking and ready to be a little bit different. It’s all about making “new normals”, changing the way you have been doing things so far and encourage people around you to do the same. Have a wonderful Christmas Holidays!


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