Christmas presents, choose well

Christmas presents, choose well

I guess that we have to start thinking now about Christmas presents, as Christmas day is almost here. It is nice to open something the 25th during the morning or the 24th at night, it all depends on where do you come from. In some countries is more popular give the presents during the dinner of the 24th. It is a nice surprise to see the faces of your beloved ones when they open the presents that you bought for them. And of course also your face of: “How did you know I wanted this!!!” Is nice to feel like a kid at least once a year. Getonthetrend wants to give you some tips in how to buy “wisely”, and with this I mean that if you want to spend some money in presents, invest in sustainable brands or local products. There is an online shop named HELPSY that I totally recommend, it sells eco-conscious products. In this site you can find a wide variety of products from accessories to footwear, anything under the green mindset. All Across Africa is also a brand that work with high quality handcrafted products. When you buy those products you are helping thousands of people living in Africa having a better life. Getonthetrend has selected some interested items that you can give as presents at the same time that you will be supporting a sustainable brand or an item made in a more artisanal way. I hope you enjoy it! Have an amazing day!bracelet                    1. Bing Bang

bag                      2. Otaat/ Myers

enhance-face-oil-organic-bath-co                   3. Ethica

makeupbag                   4. All Across Africa

braceletallacross                   5. All Across Africa

bareminerals             6. Bare minerals


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