What to wear in Christmas parties

What to wear in Christmas parties

Christmas parties and celebrations are already here. We all have dinners at work, with friends and with families, among other groups. When this moment arrives we all open the closet and wonder: What should I wear? I have nothing interesting to wear! We all have these questions in mind, this is a classic. Besides, we all want to be stunning and wear something for the first time.

On the other side, I am in favor of re-using garments that we have at home, old dresses, shirts, whatever would work. You just have to use a bit your imagination and let it be. I am sure you have a black dress or a black shirt, that you could combine with anything else that you have. Black is always the best option for a party outfit, it makes you look a bit dressed up. Have a look at second hand shops and see if you can get a nice belt or a cardigan with nice prints or colors that give some light to your black outfit.

Middle heels are always more comfortable that high heels, you will ended up dancing like crazy so it is better to be free from pain! Lace is always a good option too, it gives you this combination of feeling beauty and sexy without being tacky. If you overlap layers in the right way it will give you an appealing outfit too. Use nice complements like big earrings and bracelets. Oversize is also trendy again among complements so go crazy with it. If you buy complements try to go to local shops and local artists, you will be more exclusive than buying them from a big brand and at the same time you will support all these upcoming artists. The price might be higher but the investment will be worthy. Make up will be also your turning point so make sure you highlight the best of your features without using too much of it. I hope you get some inspiration and have a wonderful night wherever you are. Have a nice day!


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