What is your perfect capsule wardrobe?

What is your perfect capsule wardrobe?

To talk about Capsule wardrobe is to talk about a selection of no more than 30 pieces of high-quality clothes which you will keep on wearing no matter the trends. Those pieces of clothing are what we call the basics. According to Erin Flynn in her article, what is a capsule wardrobe she points out that it is  “an eco-conscious, sanity-saving solution to your endless search for what to wear.” Like the name suggests, it’s a minimal, interchangeable wardrobe with a finite number made up of clothes you actually love to wear. We love to buy new things when a new season comes and fill our closet with garments that we are not going to use again, or maybe one time. We have constant crushes because there are plenty of beautiful and affordable things in the market, but at the end of the day we ended up wearing the same things season after season, for many years.

In my case, I have selected what are the oldest garments that I have in my closet and here you have them: 3 pairs of jeans, loose pants (which I love to wear every single day of the year!), t-shirts in black, white and grey, a striped t-shirt which I wear with almost everything and it is always trendy! and some wool sweaters and jackets to combine with the rest of the clothes. The black skirt and the flower dress are also two pieces that are a basic in my closet. These garments have more than 6-7 years and still look good, not just “trendy” but also I have been washing them in the most careful way to make them last. The way we take care of our clothes it is also very important to give them many years of life.

It might seem a bit plain but there are the best pieces of clothing to combine with every color. Since I started to be more aware of the problem of fast fashion in the environment I have tried to reduce the impetus of buying every season or every time I have a big event, in order to wear for the first time a piece of clothing and make the “stellar show”. I guess this is something not odd to hear for most of you…Who hasn’t done this before? It’s been a modus vivendi for many years in my life since I have understood that it is preferably quality versus quantity. I like fashion and I like clothing and sometimes I can’t afford pieces made with organic materials or fair trade commerce (which sometimes is not as expensive as people think) In this case, I buy just once a year, something that I really really love! A rare piece of clothing that I am sure I will wear no matter the season or trend of the moment. Sometimes, this will be my “signature” I do not care what is on trend in the market but most of the time, what you wear says a lot about you and not in a superficial way. “We should also note that the superficiality of clothing choices are rarely the sole determinant of how people are perceived: Brown’s study into clothing and attractiveness demonstrated the influence of body language in addition to clothing choices.” According to this article from Fashion Psychology: What clothes say about you.

When it comes to shoes and jackets,  I choose to wear basic colors in order keep them for many seasons. If you can buy vegan leather or faux leather would be perfect for the environment. Vegan leather and faux leather are the same things,  essentially a fake ‘leather’ material that does not use animal skin. There is a range of materials that can be used to make vegan leather including natural materials such as cork. This kind of leather has the same touch as the normal one, you can barely see any difference. All in all, this would be my perfect wardrobe, and from this, I will try to combine with different pieces of clothing that would match. I attempt to buy clothes once a year if there is something that I really fall for! Besides, I try to keep them in good shape washing them properly and folding them in the right way in the closet. So, it is not that difficult to build the perfect closet or at least a basic one that you can make it last season after season, it is a matter of good choices and a bit of your personal style. Good luck with it!


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