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Have you ever heard about the idea of UpcyclingUpcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. So, it is basically to give an item a better use. Sometimes recycling materials require “breaking” these materials and at times the quality is worst than it was at the beginning.

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The idea of upcycling is to give that material a better intention that it had before. I have been always thinking in the idea of what to do with jeans when you don’t want to use them anymore. There are many brands that are using recycled denim as Kuyichi or G-Star Raw, but there are also many other ways of re-use again denim as it is a strong material and at the same time very malleable.

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I was thinking what could I do with my jeans once I don’t feel like wearing them anymore…I have to point out that I can wear the same pair of jeans at least 7 years! So I did a good use of them before transforming them into something new. Thanks to pages like About.com, Crafthubs or Redo it yourself inspirations among others, I could get some good inspiration on upcycling jeans. They have fabulous ideas to do with your denim trousers. They are very stylish and original. If you feel like spending your Sunday creating and designing something different from your pair of jeans, have a look at these wonderful pieces of upcycled designs and do your own one. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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