The recycled plastic sneaker by ADIDAS

The recycled plastic sneaker by ADIDAS

 ADIDAS in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans have created a sneaker made of recycled plastic bottles found in the oceans. The sneaker is made from 95 per cent recycled ocean plastic, retrieved from clean-up operations in the Maldives. The other five per cent is recycled polyester. Every single detail in the sneaker is made by a recycled material and they have used 11 plastic bottles for every pair of sneaker. Isn’t it fantastic? If big brands and companies collaborate with associations like Parley for the Oceans we could make a big improvement in the reuse of the millions of waste that are thrown to the ocean or even landfills.

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The shoe design is inspired in the ocean waves. The first time ADIDAS made prototypes was in 2015 for a limited edition, only 50 pairs were created. By the year 2017 they estimated to create 7000 pair of sneakers out of plastic waste.


The Parley strategy addresses the fast-growing threat of ocean plastic pollution based on the believed that plastic can only be solved if we reinvent the material itself. Parley has been created to accelerate a process of change that is already in progress. They have a lot of contributors, speakers and supporters that make this movement growing fast. According to National Geographic 8 million tones of Plastic dumped in Ocean Every Year. In 2010, eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the ocean from coastal countries—far more than the total that has been measured floating on the surface in the ocean’s garbage.

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Initiatives like this one will be one of the best options with this never ending material that it’s plastic. The average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years…So it seems that there is no other option but to create other materials out of it.

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In Spain, to companies Ecoalf Foundation and Ecoembes have created an alliance to expand the project called “Upcycling the oceans” where more than 190 tones of marine litter will be extracted from the Mediterranean Sea in 2017. The idea is to create thread out of this waste and therefore a new fabric. In an interview on Fashion Network, from last september 2016, the director of the initiative and founder of the sustainable fashion company, Ecoalf, Javier Goyeneche, has ensured that thanks to the collaboration of Ecoembes two associations of fishermen of Catalonia will join the project in defense of the Mediterranean Sea.

He also mentioned that if the 800 fishing boats currently working on the Mediterranean coast joined the initiative, more than 300 tones of garbage per year could be collected. Goyeneche has pointed out that, as a result of this first phase of “Upcycling the oceans”, they have produced a special filament that will be presented in Paris in February 2017.

So, let’s not lose the hope to believe that a better world it’s possible if we don’t give up and change our mindset. Have a wonderful day!


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