Last weekend took place in Barcelona the event Future of Fashion in the Mazda space in Barcelona. It was a conference about emerging design, with artistic installations, conferences about fashion, photographic exhibitions, projections and dj’s. The event was organised by Piscolabis designers, which is a Platform of Designers -Fashion,Complements and Objects – from Catalonia, which offer quality products with limited production and manufactured locally or in their own workshops. This platform help all these new designers to reduce all the barriers that designers are facing in their profession. They will empower the visibility of the associates with the objective of helping them in their promotion and sale and they will show their creative process and production through workshops and conferences.


The conferences were very varied, from innovative techniques to rise your selling, fashion designing or technology in fashion, among many more. Those ones were on Saturday, whereas Sunday there was more round tables about complements, object design and handcrafted shoe design. All the conferences were carried on by professionals on the area and the public was mostly students and new designers. I could attend the conference about styling by Jaume Vidiella, a professional with a hug career in fashion. He was talking about his beginnings in the fashion world and how he has built his career with work and perseverance. He was totally inspiring for those who want to start working in this though world of fashion.

The other conference was about Fashion and Technology, by Estel Vilaseca. Fashion is being influence by technology in many ways, there is a fusion between both of them. Materials are changing too and designers are embracing the new possibilities that technology is offering and creating more functional designs. The talk was very engaging and you could find out that all these things may sound you as Science Fiction but all of them are already part of our present.



Some of the designs of the member of the platform were displayed in the main room. There were fashion designers like Colmillo de Morsa, Andrea Ayala, Who, Birdaprons and Nayde among others. Brands like Ona Boix, Ethical Jewellery, B& Co, Citrique Heart… Doing complements and some of the object-design brands were Bussoga, Diego Sampere, Romina Gris, Varcino, among many more. The initiative was perfect for us to get to know all these brands, all of them settle in Barcelona. Original, creative and striking. The event was full of people interesting in fashion and students looking for some inspiration. Local production, uniqueness, affordable and created in a sustainable way were the main focus of all of them. I had a really good time at the Fair and I am looking forward to the new one to discover new and fascinating designers. Keep these names in mind and have a wonderful day!






fut-7  All images by @getonthetrend


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