The cleaning project

The cleaning project

Some weeks ago I read a very interesting article in Conscious Fashionista called The Clean Fashion Diet about how to start “cleaning your bad habits in fashion” in other words how to be more conscious regarding fashion and consumption habits. I have been also the type of person that has been buying in all the Inditex sub brands like Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka and so son… My closet is full of clothes “made in Inditex”. But as she says, this is about changing your mindset. You can’t change what you did 10 years ago, if you were not THAT aware of the big problem in fashion, but you can change it now. I had this turning point 3 years ago and that’s why I started writing this blog and doing a lot of research in sustainable fashion. I wanted to know what was the real problem, what could I do that was in my hands.

Of course the first thing to do is to stop for a minute and have a look at your closet: How many things do I have that I just wear once? How many pairs of shoes? How many jackets? How many tops? Do I need to buy extra clothing or do I have enough? Of course, fast fashion is constantly moving towards new trends and that makes us go shopping more often. The problem with fast fashion is not just the damage to the environment but also that most brands are not transparent enough in their supply chains so a lot of people are working under uncertain conditions, child labor among them.


So, the first thing to do to start this “cleaning project” is to check which items that you have in your closet have been worn just one time in the last year. It might be bit too long but this method always works. If you haven’t notice about a dress or a jacket that you have in your closet is time to get rid of it.

What should you do first?

Decide your style. There might be things that you worn 10 years ago and they don’t fit you anymore. As time goes by we tend to change our style so this could be the first filter to decide which clothes we keep and which ones we get rid of.

What to do with the clothes you get rid of?

You can donate them to charity foundations.

You can give them to a friend.

You can sell them online or in second hand shops.

If the garments are too used and impossible to wear again you can reuse in cleaning rags for the house.

Another blogger that I follow The Eco Warrior princes wrote a very interesting article about how to build a sustainable wardrobe and thanks to that I got some tips to build mine. Once you get rid of the things that you don’t use anymore is time to focus in Quality over Quantity. As she says “Whether you shop at your favourite online boutique or a local second-hand shop as long as you stay true to your own style and buy the highest quality sustainable garment you can afford, you can’t go too wrong.” 

Each individual has its own style and personality regarding to clothes. So, stick at your own one and build a good capsule wardrobe with good basics that last many seasons and keep them as long as you can. There is always some kind of new trend that is going to stand up each year, don’t repress from buying it! But make sure that you choose the right brand for it, at least verify that is not a fast fashion brand and that is going to least more than 3 washes! Sometimes the key point in make your clothes last more time is the care that you have on them. You might buy a jacket in H&M and it might last you 10 years if you have the right use of it.

That worked for me so I hope these tips could help you to change a bit your those bad habits that we had and be a better consumer each time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, everything could be achieved little by little! Let’s try to make this world a better one. Have a good afternoon!


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