TEDx Gracia Salon 5: Ethical Fashion

TEDx Gracia Salon 5: Ethical Fashion

Last Monday took place in Casa Gracia, a TED event. If you have never heard about it, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.” This time the debate was about Sustainable Fashion, so I couldn’t miss it. The main debate was carried out by Sylvia Calvo, designer and founder of Moda Sostenible Barcelona. This association promotes sustainable fashion and local production and it aims to be a reference for the sustainable fashion in Europe.

The debate was very engaging, there were people from different areas and of course different opinions about the topic. Among the things said in the debate there was several considerable points. One of them was the importance of Circular Economy in our society  (I have been mention it in my latest post). We are producing more waste than we can cope and among all these waste there is the amount of clothing that we throw to the rubbish everyday. The general opinion was that changes are gradual. You have to introduce them little by little in society. As soon as you introduce these ideas people are going to start questioning why a T-shirt costs 5 euros.

People should be educated to control this consumerism. When all these t-shirts and general clothing cost more than 5 euros we are going to ended up buying just what we need. There were different ideas on how to be more sustainable. Someone mentioned a  page called Ropateca, a library of clothes. You need a membership and you can change style every now and then and you can use 5 pieces of clothing each time. Someone mentioned the possibility of sharing purchase, where 3 or 4 consumers buy an item together and they share it. Everything under an online platform, but this is still very new in Europe.

A big question was questioned: Sustainability, where does it start? According to Sylvia Calvo it starts in the design. The designer has to think in the lifecycle of that garment, which materials is she/ he going to use and if these materials are going to be biodegradable or can be recycled at some point. It is also important to bear in mind the use of zips and buttons for the design, so they can be recycled too.


ted4  All images taken by @Getonthetrend

There was something very interesting said in the debate: “Not everybody wants to reach all brands and not all brands want to reach everybody” As soon as this kind of fashion (sustainable) becomes more affordable it will reach everybody, it will start eventually. There should be more platforms to get to know all these kind of brands and the progress should be mutual, brands and platforms should work together to make this happen.

On the other side, there are brands that are not 100% sustainable in their materials but they are sustainable in their production. There should be a balance between them. It is important to go back to local production and to reactivate the local economy. As soon as more people rise awareness, the big brands would have to change their idea of production. As Sylvia said, there should be an obligation that certain things should never happen, in regards to certain methods of productions used in many parts of the world.

Finally, she mentioned that the value of things have been underestimated, mainly in clothing. So, it is important that our everyday’s actions take a meaning. This is up to us.

I hope you get the whole idea of the debate, very engaging and productive. Have a wonderful day and think about our planet, we can still make the big change!


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