Sweater time

Sweater time

Winter is here, therefore it is time for sweaters. We put aside autumn clothes and make the change of closet, in some places earlier than in some others. In Denmark the deep winter is already here and it is impossible to go out from home without anything very warm. Sometimes we think in sweaters as something a bit uncomfortable and impossible to wear if you go to a dinner, or date or any place that you want to get a bit “better dressed”. Getonthetrend has found some interesting ideas from some brands, most of them using sustainable materials and production, that have appealing designs and always stylish. Different forms like the fisherman cardigan made of 100% virgin wool or the fringe cable jumper that is perfect to combine either with denim or a cotton wide pants. Cotton and wool are the main materials for the next season and the neutral colors like grey and different shades of brown are a going to be again the top colors of the season. I hope you enjoy the post and have a nice evening!

cintiaparker-1                                            1. Chinti and Parkertopshop                                                2. Topshop
stella-1                                              4. Stella McCartneyM-Patmos-07-1366                                             5. M. PatmosFendi_Fall                                             6. Fendi 


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