September green resolutions

September green resolutions

Every year, when September comes I try to set a new resolution which will help to improve my lifestyle. I draw a list of things and I try to stick to it as much as I can. Research says “the best way to bring change into your life is by creating new routines and sticking to them until they become habits.” When it comes to my workplace I like to generate the least possible trash. Besides, I try to use environmentally friendly materials in my day-to-day items.

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September is for most people the beginning of the year. Now it’s when the new year actually feels like it’s ready to start. In September it’s when our new plans actually begin. It’s the beginning of fall, the beginning of school terms, and the back to work for most people who had Summer holidays. Our “New Year’s resolutions” are more tangible in this time of the year rather than in January. The season is colder, the next holiday break will be in 3 months, so that makes September a great time to make some resolutions.

First of all, I started replacing the single use plastic cup, for a reusable coffee cup which I always keep with me. Even when I go to the cafeteria I ask them to fill my own cup. It does not prevent you to spend less money on coffee! but at least you won’t generate as much waste as you could with a single-use-coffee-cup. If you are at work and you feel like having 4 coffees a day, you can use powder coffee, it might not have the same taste as the capsule coffee but it will keep you awake!

13,500 aluminum and plastic capsules are thrown into the waste bin every minute.

Coffee is the second most consumed product in the world, behind oil, so that means that when we use capsule coffee we are creating and enormous amount of waste if we drink so much coffee during our day. According to the Rabobank cooperative bank, the sale of capsules has grown by 26% in the last decade, and has exceeded eight times the rest of the methods for preparing this product.One of the producers of biodegradable packaging, Halo, estimates that 13,500 aluminum and plastic capsules are thrown into the waste bin every minute.
I have also replace the plastic bottles by using stainless steel bottles, which you can refill, either with cold or hot water. There are also glass bottles, but I prefer the stainless steel ones, as they can be “strike-proof”!

Eating at work could also generate a lot of waste, but if you cook at home and bring your food in your stainless steel lunch box you will reduce considerably your waste. It will prevent you to buy those take away plastic sets that you can find in the supermarkets that (to be honest) have have save me a lot of meals at work! But they are not sustainable at all… Cooking your own food would make you also eat healthier, because you won’t use any artificial additives as these kind of food use to have.

You don’t have to change your habits in a radical way, but if you start with these simple ideas that I have given you, then you won’t have any problem to change a little bit your way of life into a more sustainable one. As I said before, all these little changes will become an habit.

I would like to finish my article with a sentence that I saw recently on internet and it caught my attention, as it has a lot to do with the topic I have been writing about: “Purpose drives meaning. When you have a purpose and you believe it can make a beneficial change in the world, you’re motivated to make things happen.”


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