A couple of days ago I had the chance to visit the shop/ studio of the brand Sort Slips Hvidt Slips (meaning black tie, white tie) in Copenhagen. The shop is settled in the middle of the city, in an area full of nice cafés and second hand shops. It seems like the perfect location for a shop like theirs.

Hanging in the old walls of the shop you can see some pictures that they have drawn and some ballerinas and dancing men that they also design, made by re-using old fruit boxes. The figures are inspired by Turkish shadow plays where puppets with jointed bodies, as they mention in their page. The puppets come in black and in natural colour and are made of discarded crates from Aarstiderne – a Danish company that delivers organic produce door-to-door. Their clothing collection is women’s and men’s collection designed in a graphical cut inspired by traditional menswear tailoring with classic details. sort3

sort4The most interesting thing in the making of their designs is that they are made by old discarded textiles from hotels, like bed sheets and old rags. Victoria, the designer, sews thoroughly every single detail in the garments, making the piece of cloth unique and inimitable. The quality of the material and the emphasis on the craftsmanship makes their clothes last very long. All the production takes place in Denmark, with small orders each time because it is environmentally friendly and it gives the garment a more individual character.





All images taken by @getonthetrend

This is the main reason of why she never produces outside Denmark, she wants to supervise every single detail making sure that is everything the way she planned in advance. She is totally an inspiration for upcoming slow fashion designers and above all, for people who work in the artistic field and want to earn a living with it. Everything is possible! So, if you walk around Skindergade 24, don’t hesitate in visiting their shop. Have a wonderful day!


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