CollAction, the world’s first official crowdacting platform, announces the launch of Slow Fashion Season – Edition 2020. For the second consecutive year, CollAction urges people around the world to commit themselves not to buy any new piece of clothing from 21st of June until 21st of September 2020. Last year the goal was to have 2,500 people sign up. This year, the target has increased to 10,000 people. This would make Slow Fashion Season 2020 CollAction’s biggest crowdact ever.

Last year 2,625 people took part in Slow Fashion Summer, – equivalent to saving 92.1 million litres of water and preventing 375,400 kg of CO2 emissions. This year, CollAction is committed to finding 10,000 people to take action against the fast fashion industry. CollAction wants to initiate collective behavioral change and give a clear signal to the fast fashion industry and governments. 

Ron van den Akker, co-founder and CEO of CollAction says: 

‘’We want to make people aware that there are other solutions – that another lifestyle, or way of consuming is possible. And that doing the right thing doesn’t have to be boring or painful – it can be fun and creative, especially when supported by our growing community of CollActivists. We can wait for governments, the industry, or other people to act. Or we can set an example with our actions, together.” 

If 10,000 people participate, we save the equivalent of 360 million litres of water and 1.4 million kg of CO2 emissions. Are you able to take the pledge? Sign up here:

You have a couple of weeks left to participate in the Slow Fashion Season. A global campaign in which people pledge not to buy any new clothes. This is the second year running for the campaign. Last year 2625 people signed up. This year, the target has increased to 10,000 people. At the time of this release the campaign is counting 8000 participants. The people involved form a very diverse crowd with everyone from your average joe in Amsterdam to Bollywood superstars like Evelyn Sharma are involved.

If the target of 10.000 people is reached 360 million liters of water will be saved and 1,4 million kg of CO2 emissions will be prevented. Beyond that CollAction, the organization behind the campaign, hopes it will initiate ripples of collective behavioral change and give a clear signal to the fast fashion industry and governments.

About CollAction is the first official crowdacting platform in the world and offers a new solution to collective action problems. Introduced by CollAction, crowdacting means: “taking action collectively and conditionally with the purpose of achieving positive impact on the world and its inhabitants”. “We (almost) all contribute to these challenges in some way but hardly solve them as individuals – think for example of climate change, traffic jams, plastic pollution.” With crowdacting, people commit to taking actions with a group. When the predetermined target of number of people is reached, the group acts. The concept is very similar to crowdfunding, but people commit to actions, instead of money.

Are you going to join Slow Fashion Season this year? Let’s make this world a better one!


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