Season essentials

Season essentials

Summer is still here and we all love to enjoy being under the sun. I am the first one running outside with the first ray of light. The only thing I need is my music, my sunglasses and a good sun protection.  Copenhagen is not Barcelona, so is not very often that we have 3 good sunny days on a row. Whenever that happens I jump to Amager beach with to take some vitamin D from the sun. Summer is the season of good mood, of holidays, of summer love and all good vibrations. Is good to take care of yourself from inside and outside. I chose Avene always for the face, high protection. The after-sun repair lotion is also important after the sun. Your feet is also an important part during the summer, I use a lotion to reduce roughness and callosity from Deliplus. I like also to give my skin a touch of nice perfum with this body mist of pomelo from Equivalenza. These are the summer essentials inside my bag!


1.BODY MIST 2. AVENE after sun 3. AVENE sun protection 4.SELVERT pure vitamin C 5.DELIPLUS for feet



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