Scarves, the longest the better

Scarves, the longest the better

Winter scarves are better when they are big and long, specially when temperatures are under 5 degrees. Here in Denmark it is the best accessory to wear at the moment. In this time of the year we tend to change little scarves that match with shoes or bags to huge wool scarves that will cover neck and part of our faces. These kind of scarves are somehow very stylish if you combine them with the right coat and jacket. Sometimes we use them as a poncho and open them to cover the whole of our body. I like very much to use them and have them wrinkled all around my neck hiding even my face on it. It feels so cosy and warm inside them! Getonthetrend has discovered some interesting scarves made of wool and with appealing colors that would match perfectly with any kind of coat or jacket that you wear. Keep yourself warm and have a nice day!

asos                   1. ASOSHI151G01H-G11@5                         2. HilfigerChalla_Mix_Navy_Air                    3. AIAYU

bikbok                      5. BIK BOK


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