Ready for the holidays

Ready for the holidays

Are you ready for your Easter Holidays? I am more than excited about it as I will travel to Thailand. When you have to prepare your bag you visualize your trip: what am I going to do? Is it cold? or hot? am I going to walk a lot? and many more things…So you choose your clothes depending on all these things. For me it was quite easy to prepare my bag as it is summer in Thailand and the temperature is not less than 20 degrees. My idea was to wear just comfortable clothes and shoes, as I will be most of the time in the beach! A good hat for the sun is a “must” and of course sunglasses. My advice on a trip like this is that less is more!! Just the essential to survive the warm temperatures. I wish a good Easter Holidays to everybody!

1. Quiksilver  2. Superdry 3. Village 4. Ginatricot


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