Pura vida bracelets

Pura vida bracelets

I have recently discovered a brand called Pura Vida. They do handmade bracelets, all kind of bracelets, that I found very beautiful and simple at the same time. They use gold, or they make a pack combining different styles of bracelets.

This is the story of two students who travelled from San Diego to Costa Rica, where they found this beautiful idea of these handmade bracelets (You can read the whole story in their page). They use vibrant colors and earth colors, all of them perfect for the summer.

The best thing of this pura vida bracelets is that they created “Charity Bracelets” where through the sale of 1 individual bracelet they donate to charities all over the world. They are also member of different enviro-causes so is not just a beautiful piece but also if you buy it you are contributing with a big and honorable cause. I hope you like it









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