Second hand clothes is always a good alternative to fast consumption. When you buy second hand goods you are cutting down the daily manufacturing demand of them. There are a large amount of clothes that we thrown up in our everyday life. So when we recycle and rehuse we give longer live to these items.

The feeling of hunting in these kind of shops give us the this excitement of finding something very unique and cheap. Sometimes is going back in time, when you find a 70’s coat or a 50’s dress. Nowadays there is a lot of 80’s style in these shops, probably because is our closest decade and those garments are still wearable. Trends are coming and going, we are constantly moving in time recovering old treasures.

The city of Copenhagen has several second hand shops, and usually their products are in a very good shape. PRAG is the name of two second-hand/vintage shops based in Copenhagen. They are inspired by the vintage shops in big cities like Berlin and New York. They have collected mostly everything from markets all around the world. You can find all kind of garments from all decades. From the 50’s to the 90’s. They have also a big assortment of accessories like bow ties, jewellery, hats and so on. If you have never been in Prag I totally recommend you the visit. Have a nice day!












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