A new year begins and, even if it is simply one more day in the calendar, it is an opportunity to bet on new beginnings, and to leave behind what in the previous year were obstacles. All of us have New Year’s resolutions to fill it with love, success, adventures, better jobs… But there are other resolutions that will help you to treat better our Mother Earth in this 2017, a more sustainable resolutions. Something very easy that will make a big impact on the planet if you change little by little your everyday habits. I have been inspired by Scribbleandjot with their Eco- Friendly New Year’s resolutions:

1.  Start recycling

2.  Start composting

3.  Eat less meat

4.  Eat less dairy and animal products in general

5.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

6.  Reduce your consumption of processed and heavily packaged foods–especially individually wrapped ones

7.  Eliminate fast food

8.  Switch to a reusable coffee cup

9.  Buy less stuff

10.  Sell or give away things you don’t need so that others can make use of them

11.  Invest in quality items that will last instead of cheap ones that will break

12.  Buy thrifted clothing instead of new

13.  Start bringing tote bags to the grocery store

14.  Start purchasing food from bulk sections with your own bags or jars to avoid packaging

15.  Carry a water bottle around with you everywhere to avoid single-use plastic water bottles and cups

16.  When you throw a party or event, use reusable dishes & flatware instead of single-use

17.  Quit plastic wrap

18.  Quit plastic bags

19.  Choose metal, wood, and glass purchases over plastic

20.  Stop supporting fast fashion clothing brands and instead buy used, local, or ethically manufactured clothing

21.  Switch out your beauty products for chemical-free alternatives

22.  Switch out your cleaning supplies for chemical-free alternatives

23.  Quit paper towels – use towels instead

24.  Quit paper napkins – use cloth napkins instead

25.  Reduce your food waste

26.  Repair something instead of just replacing it

27.  Repurpose something instead of just throwing it away

With all these New Year’s resolutions you can change your environment little by little with small steps and after a while you will feel better with yourself. You will contribute for a better future and for the next year resolutions you will notice how your life have changed in a better way, and you can add some more eco friendly resolutions. Have a wonderful beginning of the year!





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