My particular Danish Hygge

My particular Danish Hygge

The word HYGGE is something that is kind of trendy these days or at least I have been reading a lot about it lately in many different blogs. This term is defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Hygge is something that defines the whole way of living of the Danes and for us could be defined as this cosiness that you have at home when is cold outside and you are inside with a hot chocolate and you are covered in a wool blanket reading a book. It could be also dinner with candles with friends. Hygge is joining with people you love in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

I have been living in Denmark for 5 years and I have experience this hygge in its high peak. Long winters, grey days, snowing in Spring, temperatures under 5 degrees and all kind of climate adversities that make someone from the South of Europe to graze the depression for lacking of vitamin D. That was when I learned to appreciate this “hygge experience”, to appreciate life indoors, to create a pleasant atmosphere with or without friends and make the most of the winter time. Nobody but the Danes can create this cosy atmosphere, and it implies also an exquisite interior design, minimal decoration and natural materials like wood and leather.


The whole scenario seems to be set for this hygge moment. Everything in Denmark seems to be slower that anywhere else. The colours, the decoration, the food and Fashion. It was in Denmark where I learned the word Slow Fashion and the reason of this blog, in one of these winter Sundays afternoons I created my particular hygge, my particular universe of cosiness and I started writing about this fabulous world that is Sustainable Fashion. Hygge is part of the Danes DNA, and this is something that I have been told by almost all my friends there. You can’t understand hygge unless you are a dane or you live here for at least 3 years. Now I can say that I know what hygge is.

Many cafés and interior design shops have this accurate simple and monochrome design. Every particular house has its own special decoration, all of them seem to be ready for visitors like a museum. I have never been in an ditzy or tasteless appartment, there is no way for tacky decoration in Denmark. Everybody has a flawless taste when it comes to interior design ideas. Even when you go to some student’s house!


hygge3 All images taken by @getonthetrend

There is something very interesting that I have read in an article written by Justin Parkinson in BBC News was “Hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt” translator ToveMaren Stakkestad has written. Maybe the only way to understand this slippery cultural idea is to visit Denmark, rather than read about it.

Even if there is 20 degrees outside you can create your particular hygge anywhere! With a glass of wine, a blanket, your headphones with good music and the only thought in your brain of “CARPE DIEM” could be enough. Have a wonderful beginning of the week!


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