Let’s be summer friendly

Let’s be summer friendly

Summer is the perfect time to slow down, take a deep breath and try to re-organize your life. On August the 1st was Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. This is very scary as we are consuming our resources faster than ever. Is it possible to move the date? There are a few optimistic people that set out that something can be done if we (the entire world) do some practical things in order to save our planet.

Image taken from Ecocolmenta.com

The overshoot organization has display different ideas on this matter:

Optimize your wardrobe: One of the things that we can do is to create a capsule wardrobe with those old garments that we still have in our closet for over many years.  The main idea is to reduce over consumption, as fashion industry is one of the most polluting ones. Summer sales are a tricky period so if you can overcome it, you can do it!

Travel with eco-sensibility: Try to use public transport, bike or walk. Whenever is possible, consume local and organic food. A good idea will be to find an accomodation which offers renewable energy. Respect the area that you are going to visit, try to bring your own reusable water bottle and make a respectful use of the green areas of the place that you will visit.

Intensify the vegetal consumption: Furthermore, “global livestock is responsible for 9% of all anthropogenic carbon emissions“, whereas eating vegan does not affect that much the ecological footprint.

In this article “Eat your way to a smaller carbon footprint” published in Terrapass.com they present some interesting facts:

Changing your diet could help reduce the carbon footprint of your food:

  • Eliminating waste by eating what you buy — 25%
  • Going vegan — 25%
  • Eating in-season, while avoiding hothouses and air freight — 10%
  • Recycling and avoiding excessive packaging — 6%
  • Reducing waste by buying items from the front of the shelves, reduced-price items, and misshapen fruit and vegetables — 2%
  • Cooking using less energy— 5%

Reduce, reuse and recycle: This is something that you should do the whole year, so there is no much left to say. If we continue keeping in mind these ideas during the summer too, it will become an habit and we will make a big difference in our lives.

This summer, try to be more “summer friendly”. Join a local neighbourhood association to collect plastic bottles or butts from the beach. Walk, ride a bike, use the same swimsuit from last year; if you go on sales buy from your local stores. Reuse your shopping bag! Use a nice tote bag or a beautiful and timeless shopping bag that you can find in Amazon for a very fair price. Make sure that you are buying the organic cotton one!

Whatever you do, think about how do you want to see your environment. Every little step is important, and we can #movethedate. If we achieve this goal, we can save the earth of mayor disasters. Have a look at this hashtag and get some cool ideas to collaborate and contribute giving the Earth another chance!

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