There are many studies about wether using too much shampoo is good for your hair or not. It is true that some of the shampoos that we are using produce more grease in our hair and as a consequence of this,  we wash it diary. Hair produces natural oil called sebum and using a shampoo you clean the excess of oil and residues in it. Sometimes it is necessary to have this oil  many days in your hair as it is a natural protection for your skin. I have tried to wash my hair only with water (specially in summer when you go to the beach) and the effect the first couple of days is fantastic as you get more volume, but after that, it starts getting greasy again.

My problem is that I have greasy hair so at some point I have to use shampoo. I have recently discover an alternative to regular shampoo that actually works! It is a kind of mud that you have to mix with water and make a paste that you will immediately put in your hair to remove the dirty without damaging your skin. You have to add in your hair while it is wet. LOGONA Lavaerde Mineral Cleansers purify skin and hair without depleting the natural protective layer. So, I recommend the use of it for a while, not everyday of course! You have to do it 2 times per week and maybe combine it with a shampoo without parabens and with a neutral PH once a week.  I hope it works for you as it did to me! Have an amazing day!



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