When I was in Berlin I visited Hertzberg Studio situated in the area of ­Neukölln, one of the most hippest hoods in the city, where a mix of cultures are sharing an area of vintage shops, Turkish kebabs restaurants and a lot of conscious stylish bars. My german friend, with whom I was staying those days, recommended me to visit this studio. The studio is a big workspace with clothes, pictures, jewelry and a corner with some sewing machines that prove the amount of work that it’s going on in the shop. All the designers rotate to be on the shop every two days and welcome the customers or curious people who wander around the area.


The studio is like a cooperative of designers that share the workspace and sell their designs in the shop. There are 12 different international designers who produce locally their products. This is what makes Studio Hertzberg individual and exclusive. The customer has individual contact with the designer to make the design more personal and special according to the customer needs and wishes. You can find in the shop: menswear, womenswear, accessories, illustration, in-house production, fair fashion and upcycling.



Among the brands in the studio you can find STRUNK by Lea Strunk, the founder of the collective. STRUNK specializes in sustainable urban menswear. It is  made by organic cotton and hemp. As she describes it “unmistakably, classic and urban”. Elise Rolot is a Belgium brand that produces clothes for women. She works with the concept of secondhand materials and organic fabrics. As she points out: “I put the focus of my work on the choice of the fabrics and how to get the best of them with a minimisation of waste”. Tanja Nagy works with the Plus size industry. She has a background on tailoring for women.

Agente Costura is the brand of Lisa Simpson. She “reworks second hand and vintage materials, making new sculptural garments that are tailored to each individual”. The Bronze medal is a brand born in Berlin and she works with the concept of unisex fashion and loose shapes. Sepideh Ahadi works with the concept of simplicity and reversibility. As she says: “This idea leads me to create patterns as least as possible amount of wastage in each design”


There are more designers in the studio but if you want to know more about them you should have a look at their page www.studiohertzberg.de or even better, if you are in Berlin you should go and visit them. There is also one of the designers in the shop and they are always very welcoming and keen on explaining you a little bit about their concept studio. Initiatives like that are getting stronger little by little, even though all of them are facing bigger brands and fast fashion there is still people who believe the importance of the responsible consumption and the importance also to chose the right material when buying clothes. I hope you enjoy the post and have a wonderful afternoon!





her10 Images of Hertzberg Studio Berlin @getonthetrend


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