Just one week ago I came back from Mexico, I have been there for 2 weeks and it has been a great experience. I have been travelling around Mexico DF, Puebla and Oaxaca. Uniquely beautiful, a land full of culture and traditions, everything is colourful and bright. I was totally captivated by the amount of handicrafts in every market. Each community has its own particular characteristic, which made all these craftwork more unique. If you go to Oaxaca you can find Alebrijes, which represent surrealistic and somewhat monstrous animals. They come from the  dreams of a Mexican artist, in which he had visions that transported him to different wooded environments, surrounded by rocks, trees, clouds and other natural elements that became animals of strange forms and colorful spectacular, similar to what which today are the Mexican alebrijes. The famous painted skulls which they used in the Day of the Deaths, is also very used in their designs. This is like their identity symbol, everyone know that is 100% Mexican and they use the same colorful palette that they use for the rest of their creations.


In Mexico DF I have visited a shop that specialize in design projects that blend Mexican architectural traditions with contemporary influences. Harto Diseño Mexicano is a shop that sells 100% mexican designs, all the designers are from Mexico. They have exhibited in the store, although it is very small, more than 55 different designers, craftsmen, artists, manufacturers, each of them with its different articles, seasons, designs, etc. They work with more than 70 designers for other projects such as export, interior design and decoration. They basically want to promote Mexican design all over the world, although they are located in a very turistic area, most of their customers come from their own country but also some tourists as it is located in a very famous restaurant downtown.


The shop has many different types of design, like key rings with the typical Mexican calavera (skull), bracelets, necklaces, purses, bags and many more. Outstanding pieces of clothes made of organic cotton, wool and using traditional waving techniques. You can find jackets, dresses and scarfs. The shop is like a candy shop, full of colours and shapes, it is impossible to visit it without buying something, even the most tiny item in the shop has something attractive that makes you jump for it! If you travel to Mexico DF and you want to shop something local and made by Mexican artisans go to this fascinating shop. Is is located in an area called The Shops Downtown in the middle of DF. Have a wonderful day!

Harto Diseño Mexicano is located in Centro Histórico Isabel la Católica, 30. Mexico DF.


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