When a new year comes, we tend to think of short-term resolutions for the coming year. We have done some analysis of what we have been through the past year and we try to focus on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through those changes. There are many top topics that people keep on repeating every year like: get fit in fitness, quit smoking, stop drinking so much, help others, pay a debt…Make a dream trip! and many more.  But do you really accomplish them at the end of the year? Sometimes we need to focus on little goals to make sure that we gonna be able to succeed in our objective.

I have read this article29 New Year’s Resolution Ideas -Make This Your Best Year Ever(Melissa Fabrega) she says “If you didn’t achieve your goals this year, procrastination was the likely culprit. Make 2018 the year you stop procrastinating and start getting things done. This will help you to ensure that you won’t be sitting there at the end of next year wondering why you never got around to working on your goals.” So this is a bit my point, find real goals to achieve them and you will feel better at the end of the year. Sometimes we want to challenge ourselves with goals difficult to reach and it makes us feel disappointed and frustrated.

So, why don’t you change your whole life, the foundations of everything? I have read recently an article on the Japanese concept of Ikigai. The Japanese word ikigai is composed of two words: iki (life) and kai (the realization of what one expects and desires). According to the Japanese, life is only truly meaningful when we find our ikigai. The search for one’s self or ikigai is a slow, lengthy and challenging process that requires a deep knowledge of one’s passions, interests, skills, vocation, and missions. (Melanie Gleizes)

It is said that on the island of Okinawa, in Japan, its inhabitants have a purpose to get up every morning and enjoy life. To reach our ikigai a deep introspection and self-knowledge are needed. Finding oneself, discovering what motivates us and pursuing it. This search is not an easy path but if you find that goal in your life, if you find the answers to these questions you will have a full life full of light and it will help you live with integrity and purpose. If you have no mission in your life, your mission is to find it. I think this is the greatest concept that I have learned this 2017 and of course I am going to put into practice. This could be a good New Year resolution. A good way to wake up every morning with a reason to live, doing what you like and take the most of your days. Never forget to be thankful for what you have,  keep a positive mind and respect the Earth! I wish you a wonderful year 2018!


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