Green Christmas

Green Christmas

Christmas is almost here and everything around us is getting ready for the time of the year that we over consume the most. It is time for us to prepare ourselves and make sure that our Christmas is going to be as waste-free as possible. It is very important to make a list of what we need in order to know what we will need and we already have at home. To make sure that we are not going to spend extra time and money (and a lot of needed energy!) it is a good idea to divide “what we need” in 3 big sections: Food, gifts and clothes (yes, we have several events and we all know how do we like to look stunning in Christmas) and there’s no need to spend money in a beautiful dress if we have the last 5 dresses from the last 5 Christmas.

Make a list of the food you are planning to use in the Christmas dinner. Go to the market and try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables, like bananas, grape fruit, lemons, mushrooms, onions and squash among a few more. There must be a good recipe made of some of them, in any case you can always squeeze your brain in order to think about a dish that could be done by some of those ones. Using food that is not seasonal, means that it needs to be brought to your local market from across the country or even the world. Those fruits and vegetables are picked when they are still unripe to arrive to you in perfect shape, but what you get is a fruit with no taste and it causes supplement degradation and nutritional loss. Seasonal food are not only healthier but good for our planet. Make a good use of your freezer and whatever is not use, save it for another moment. If you want any other good idea you can always have a look at Love Food Hate Waste to get inspired with leftovers and avoid food wasting.


Regarding Christmas decorations, the most important is to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for the ones that will be with you. Christmas time is the season that better resembles to the danish “hygge” concept, the concept of cosiness, being with the ones you love surrounded with a good glass of wine close to a fireplace. As it is very well pointes in the blog Sustainable Baby Steps: Connect with the Season: Light candles, decorate a Winter Table, create Advent traditions and reflect on the year or Christmas’ past. Surround yourself with the beauty of the holiday and the seasonal changes and savor what you begin to notice in the details.” In any case, less is always more. Don’t over exceed your house with useless decorations that might ended up in the rubbish at the end of Christmas. Do it yourself! Pick up sustainable materials like cotton or branches that you might find under the trees and create a beautiful decorations with some of the past decorations that you find at your house. Pinterest is always a good idea to find some good inspiration. You can find anything there! And it is always easy to make.

Something that provokes more stress in this holiday season is to buy Christmas gifts. The level of consumerism in these date is overwhelming and as a conscious consumers we can decide how and where to spend our money this Christmas. At the end of the day, the idea of Christmas season is to gather with the family – some of whom we may never see but once a year – and have a nice time. However, the idea of unwrapping a gift is something almost magical in Christmas. In any case, it is always better to chose a local shop or a Fair trade brand to buy your presents. Think of what your mother is being telling your for the last two months: “I’d love to have a new pair of earrings!” Then consider the chance of buying earrings made local or by a sustainable brand. Your mother will love it, and you are contributing to a better way of consuming in Christmas. If you want to find something for your mother and the rest of the family you should visit La rostra Ciutat  where you can find anything that you want made by local artists.

Finally, it comes the moment of: “What am I going to wear in Christmas Eve?” or “What about New year?” we are all very sustainable but very stylish! So, we need to find the way to combine the two ideas. We should take a look at our closet and find other season’s garments, from a wedding, our birthday party or maybe that beautiful dress that we bought 3 years ago in sales and we have just worn twice! If we can avoid this sudden effusion that we get in this season and just re use something that we already have we are going to make a big thing for the Planet and for our economy! We are going to waste our wages in something that we are going to wear that night. I am sure that we can be very creative and find the perfect outfit without the need of buying a new one, just change your hairstyle, your complements and your make up and you will ended up with the perfect combination for this Christmas parties. Have a very wonderful Christmas time!


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