Good ideas for Christmas presents

Good ideas for Christmas presents

Christmas is around the corner and some of us are still thinking in what to buy to our beloved ones. As I had mentioned previously, if you have to buy something much better if it is made with sustainable materials, fair trade, artisans or small business in your city. Supporting local business is also a way of sustainability as you are strengthen the economic base of the community. So, in our times where globalization has done more damage than aid (in some ways) it is important that we invest in local businesses  that are owned by people who live in our community, and with this, we are investing in the community’s future.


gorman1                                                        GORMAN

gorman2                                                     GORMAN

In the search of sustainable brands I found Gorman, an australian brand that works with organic materials making a good design without compromising a good quality. I felt in love with the swimmers tote bag, that would be definitely a perfect present for anybody. Who doesn’t love tote bags! Besides, it has a beautiful handmade embroidery that makes it even more special. I found also an original printed jersey in different colors that could be also a perfect present matching with any kind of outfit.

pendientes-de-laton-grabados-581a034d9511d                                                         SINGULAR SISTERS

Other brands that are locally produced and made with sustainable materials or fair trade are Singular Sisters and SAKE, that are brands that create atemporal complements, jewelry and purses, that are totally stunning. Singular Sisters created small collections and unique pieces, made in their workshop, from where their design, create and send each one of them. Handmade beauty create organic beauty products. Handmade Beauty is a unique concept that encompasses health, wellness and environmental care. 

item_5534e31d9e8ab                                                    THE DESMAN            bolso-hecho-a-mano-tonos-azules-y-verdes-lana-56563c2c5cf9b                                           EL COFRE DE TERESA

pack-de-sellos-de-goma-ideal-bodas-565359ff3eb31                                                              BITTERSWEET                                                                      HANDMADE BEAUTY

There are different brands, The Desman, El cofre de Teresa, Bittersweet y Tokokoro that work also local and with sustainable materials. I also had a crash in this beautiful clutch made by El cofre de Teresa, made with wool and perfect for a Christmas gift. Tokoro Dolls provide children of all ages with high quality handmade toys with a unique, colorful design and non toxic paints.

I hope I have provide you with enough ideas to buy Christmas presents. If you have to buy something, make sure that you know where it comes from, who made it and with which materials. Start open your eyes on local business and empower little communities of artisans that are close to you, or brands that work with artisans all over the world to help with their subsistence. Have a wonderful day and good weekend!


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