Getting ready for a wedding event

Getting ready for a wedding event

There are many people who chose to get married in winter time instead of summer. When I say winter i refer to colder temperatures, as we are still in Autumn! But of course, we are in the north so we should really think about a warm and beautiful outfit. I’ve got invited to a wedding and I have been thinking very much in what to wear. First of all, I have decided that the dress I was going to wear should be long, as it is an evening wedding and from that I will decide among the accessories and other complements. So, how do I get ready for a wedding event?

There is a previous preparation that is as important as to chose the right outfit for the occasion. Your body needs also a preparation. A good body scrub in the shower will get rid of dead skin. Then, moisturize with a good body lotion. Wrap your elbows in a cloth and keep the moisturizer on for about an hour. Try a hydrating facial serum. Apply it daily before your makeup for softer and smoother skin. Take care of your lips with a good lip balm or vaseline, this part of your body is going to be one of the most important ones as you will be talking, kissing and smiling the whole event! So keep them striking.

organic-treatment1. Burt’s Bees  2.Beeswax Lip Balsam  3.Sugar cane  4.Skin Toner

The most important thing for me was not to shop compulsively, I wanted to RE-use any kind of appealing garment that I might have in my closet for an event like this. I have been to Christmas parties, fashion events, other weddings…These kind of outfits are a “closet essentials”, everyone should have and at the same time they should be able to combine with other garments like jackets and shoes.

For me a flowered black dress is one of the essentials in my closet. This is always a trendy print and easy to combine with as many colors as you wish. If the wedding is an evening wedding even better because it gives you a glamourous touch. There are two more things that are also a safe bet for me, black heels and red lips. Other “essentials” that are going to safe you in many occasions like this.

So, I hope you like my board of what it could be the perfect outfit for an autumn wedding, in my case this is the closest of what I will wear at my friend’s wedding. Just keep it simple and sexy, the perfect combination for a day like this! I hope you like my style and if you have any suggestion don’t hesitate in add a comment! Have a wonderful day all of you!


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