Get ready for the Autumn

Get ready for the Autumn

Autumn is coming and our skin needs to be ready for the coming season. Summer is always good, but too much sun, too little sleep makes our skin to suffer a little bit. Is time for us to treat it the way it deserves. There are many nourishing masks that could be good for our skin as it has lost a lot of water during the summer season.

No matter if your skin is dry or greasy, it is always important to keep it nourished. There are many homemade face mask easy to make and good for your skin. I am sure that you have seen many times the typical images of the lady with the cucumber on the face, this mask is one of the best ones to purify your skin, you can do at home in less than 20 minutes and will make your skin bright again. You just have to put the cucumber in water for 15 minutes and after it you mix it with honey and make a paste.

This paste will let your skin clean and bright, you just need 10 minutes of it in your face. There is a brand called Formula 10.0.6 mask that its mask is very good as it close your pores and it. I discovered this brand some months ago and it is really good. At least on me, as I have greasy skin and it lets my skin softer and without any open pore. Whatever you choose, the homemade cream or the one already done, get ready for the Autumn!




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