Sunday and rain, it is something that is constantly repeating in this part of the world. One of the best ways to overcome these sundays, in the best creative and traditional way, is doing some embroidery. This is a technique that thanks to the Slow Fashion movement is on trend again. Some of the new upcoming designers and also some of the ones who have a name in Fashion industry are using this technique in their collections. For me, it is a world that I wanted to experience more in deep and I think I have found the right inspiration to get started with it. As, you can see in this post, there are many easy techniques to start with. So, get on the needle, use your imagination and create your own world of fantasy with some colorful threads. There can’t be another better way of spending a relaxing sunday afternoon trying the art of embroidery. I hope you enjoy doing it as I do, and have a wonderful and cosy Sunday.

905ceed27f8933e4c1fa6486cb4fa712             Found in Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova
91e74843a82f95b449aa9508718b7a2d              Found in Space To create: Izziyana Suhaimib7fd44393e2ff04eeae01c3e41cdc089             Found on JapanLovelyCrafts by Yumiko Higuchi078f073d09e6f4737639f446c9fc289c            Found on polkadots&blooms on Flickr.4b6b0e5ac01e86207561a1ccb2da70f5           Found on annascottembroidery.blogspot.comf302aecd1ae73afd574b45565eda4680           Found on bodenusa.com


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