Sustainable Fashion market is growing very fast and nowadays there are a lot of brands that produce more ethical products and they go for a more eco-friendly mindset. This increasing trend towards ethical aesthetic design is making consumers also change their clothing consumption.

There are more brands that are changing their mindsets and working into a more sustainable way taking care not just about the materials but also the production. The demand for more sustainable and ethically designed clothing is increasing among consumers. Brands like Svilu, produces locally and uses organic materials; Kowtow who favors minimalism and it is 100% organic. Mina Olya is another sustainable brand created by two different heritages, Iranian and Russian.

Their style is a mixed of both backgrounds and they use also organic fabric for their production. Study tries to minimize their waste in their workplace working in small monthly capsules collections. Feral Childe creates sustainable designs through the use of upcycled,  natural and deadstock fabrics. Their produce orders are based on their wholesale orders. Maria Cornejo uses also sustainable materials and creates timeless and modern designs.  So, these are just a few of the designers to know regarding sustainable fashion. It is time for you to start changing your shopping habits and go for something more ecological. If you want to let us know about any other interesting sustainable brand, don’t hesitate and write it here. Have a nice day!

kowtow                             Kowtowmina-and-oyla                                        Mina+Olya
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