Discovering Amazing Space in Hotel d’Anglaterre

Discovering Amazing Space in Hotel d’Anglaterre

I have been recently visiting Amazing Space inside Hotel d’Anglaterre in Copenhagen. Amazing Space is A hightech organic beauty concept consisting of nourishing products and treatments for both face and body together with dietary supplements.  The space in inside the hotel spa, where you can see exhibit all the beauty products; the ones for the face and the ones for the body. I got the chance to try some of the products of Amazing space and they are wonderful.

I have tried: DELICATE SKIN – Soothing, face, eye and neck care. This product moistures and relieves the redness of your skin thanks to the chamomile. After trying it, my skin had a wonderful herbal scent that I could feel for some minutes. FORMULA A – Serum. This serum repairs whatever kind of injuries you might have in the surface of your skin. It has an anti-oxidant and anti-pollution formula. I’ve used it right after the delicate skin care. Other products that I could tried were PALM ROSE-cleaning mouse and Miracle mask.

All these products are made with natural products like cucumber, mango, pineapple jojoba oil and many more. The prices of these creams are high but your are investing in high quality products and at the same time highly effective. All of them are made with organic materials and focused to stimulated every possible need of the each individual. I totally recommend those products. Have a look at their page and enjoy the weekend!









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