As every season, I have been invited to some events in the Copenhagen Fashion Week. During 3 days Copenhagen became a huge catwalk, with shows, all kind of events and stylish people showing their best and more original outfits for the occasion. I have started wednesday morning in the Tommy Hilfiger breakfast at Trangravsvej 2, very close to Papirøen. The location is beautiful and in the middle of an area where several fashion brands are located.

The event was an exclusive preview of the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Collections. The collection is colorful and with patchwork prints without avoiding the brand main colors and style. Something very genuine in Tommy Hilfiger including a vintage-look logo sweatshirt and the polo shirt.


There were many different people of the fashion industry: photographers, bloggers, designers and many more that were interested in the brand and in gathering together for this event. A wonderful breakfast was served, smoked ham, caramelized pineapple and apricot pudding with almonds. Coffee and coconut juice were served the whole event. It was a beautiful setting up, with wide rooms and wooden decoration that fitted with every part of the collection.



tommy6                                                                                   Tommy’s Hilfiger event. All pictures by @getonthetrend

The next event of the day was the presentation of the collection DYRBERG/KERN SS17 collaboration. The event was setting up at the Rooftop terrace at Prags Boulevard. Even the rain couldn’t outshine the beautiful setting up and emplacement of the event. Food, cocktails and a lot of nice people from the fashion industry were invited to this big opening.



DYRBERG/KERN are 2 creative directors (Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern) that once joined forces to create this jewellery and watch brand to confident and modern women. They created sophisticated jewellery inspired by art, architecture, interior design, graphics, nature and many other fine arts surrounded them. For this collection they have created a set of cutlery that bring you back to the 20’s with crystal and gold.



The collection of bracelets and necklaces was stunning. They use pearls, stones, crystals and leather depending on the model. The go through 40 different processes of polishing and quality before they finally arrive to someone’s hand. Their mix of color and shapes, like for example green and golden, make those pieces totally unique. I think this could be the perfect complement to any kind of outfit as it gives you a touch of sophistication and elegance needed for every occasion.


dyre6                                                                                DYRBERG/KERN event. All pictures by @getonthetrend

The last show of the day was LALA BERLIN SS17 at the Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen. The collection was called I AM A JUNGLE! The collection was a mix of tropical prints, knitting, overlapped dresses and knitting. Colors varied from whites, yellows and greens and some earthy colors too that makes you feel this jungle spirit.


Her collection has a lot of boho elements like the long dresses, loose shapes and flounces for a bohemian summer night. The emplacement can’t be other that Carlsberg Byen with their big elephants on the back of the catwalk. People were enjoying the show and drinking elephant beer at the rhythm of the music.


There was also an occasion for bloggers and photographers to picture the best looks of the guests. There was another catwalk on the front row with a lot of celebrities and people from the fashion world with original and outstanding outfits that were a total inspiration for the rest of the guests. So, the first day was a golden medal! Good brands, amazing events and nice people to meet. I’m already looking forward for the next season. Have a nice day!


lala5                                                                                        LALA BERLIN event. All pictures by @getonthetrend



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