Last weekend took place in Barcelona BIOCULTURA 2017. This is one of the biggest fairs in the country, and it gathered more than 700 stands focused on bio food, ecological cosmetics, responsible tourism, craftwork and ONG’s. This year the event was reshaped in a different way in order to gain more space for all kind of new events. There were different activities, like workshops, conferences and many different projects related to the different areas of the Fair like eco food, sustainable tourism, fashion and music. Anything that you could imagine in the eco-friendly world was in that fair.




In the area of bio and organic food there were novelties like fermented vegetable-based coconut and almonds by Natureco. Another brand Ecotrebol were presenting the first bio energy drink based on matcha green tea from Japan. It increases the ability to concentrate for hours and ensures alertness and mental clarity, amazing! Natusoy were selling vegan rice boiled with salt water and there were offering recipes to do it at home like croquettes with smoky tofu or whole grain rice with curry among may other interesting ones!

I could try 4 different kind of milk, like soja, rice, oats and vanilla. Iswari is a brand that sells “superfood” raw, vegan, without gluten, fair trade. And you will be wandering yourself: what is superfood? 

Superfoods are foods — mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy — thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health. Blueberries, salmon, kale and acai are just a few examples of foods that have garnered the “superfood” label. 




The Sustainable Fashion area was placed almost at the end of the stadium, there were brands like Tiralahilacha and Bella Lola among others. Both of them working with sustainable solutions. Tiralahilacha is using organic cotton for their designs. They have their studio and shop at the very heart of the city and everything is local and they use non harmful prints for the fabrics. Bella Lola is a swimwear brand that reuses the fabric to create new styles. They follow the 0 waste method of using every single piece of the fabric that they use for the creation of their bikinis, with this technique there are no leftovers and sometimes you can find pieces very similar to each other due to this creative idea. Moda Sostenible Barcelona and Organic Cotton Colours had also its stand there. Both of them are companies/organisations well known in the area for their work with sustainability and eco fashion. There were different stands of craftwork and local jewellery but the area of sustainable fashion was still not that big compared to the area of food or beauty products.



The Beauty section was one of my favourite ones, there was a huge area of little brands promoting natural and ecological beauty products. I want have a special mention to the stand of La Rueda Natural that were specially friendly with me and they offer me some products to test and mention them in the blog. They had different kind of products, from naturals candles to capillary oils, vegetal dyeing, a whole balsamic line of face products and many more.. Amapola is a bio-cosmetic brand that is also 100% vegetal with no parabens, no chemical components and locally produced. All their products are certified and they have different lines with different products like Aloe Vera, rosemary, mallow, apricot…I have some testers to try at home and I can’t wait to proof them! I will be having a special post about them very soon, keep your eyes close to future posts!

Esencias de Luna is a brand that manufactures products made with termal water of the area of Luna (León, Spain) with virgin olive oil and plants from the Valley of Luna, which is a biological reserve. They have a special line for sensitive and delicate skins and their products are certified 100% Bio. I will be talking about this brand in the blog very soon too.




Biocultura was an extraordinary event, every year new brands join the event. BioCultura offers many activities parallel to the commercial activity. The aim of this event is to provide through the keys of our consumption and daily habits, the option for a life more in line with our needs. It covers basic topics such as genetic manipulation, chemicals, environmental problems, water scarcity and quality, climate change.. I definitely recommend you not to miss it the next edition! Have a wonderful afternoon.


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