Best wishes!

Best wishes!

It’s Holidays season and everybody is ready to start the upcoming celebrations. In a few days, everybody will be gathering with their most beloved ones. However, Christmas is a period where we tend to we overeat, overspend, and produce more waste than any other time of the year. Every year I try to give some ideas on how you can be a little more sustainable in these dates. In my experience, I would say that it is difficult to be a thorough sustainable person during the Christmas season but not impossible!

In any case, I would like to give you some helpful tips for you to be more sustainable at Christmas:

On an article on Green is the New Black On average more than 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper is used for Christmas presents every year, which is equivalent to 50,000 trees! Most of which end up heading straight for our landfills and incineration plants.” This is way too much! There are a lot of alternatives to wrapping gifts without creating more waste.

The artist Vanessa Spenser has created a very original and zero waste way to wrap gifts. The only thing that you need is a bit of imagination because the possibilities are countless. If you have a newspaper, magazines, pieces of cardboard or even some spread fabrics you can wrap a very funny and beautiful gift.

The food waste during Christmas is another big problem too. When planning a Christmas meal try not to buy too many foods. Plan your grocery list in advance so you can have just the things you need and make sure there will be no leftovers!

The use of plastic is something that can be avoided at Christmas. Instead of using never-ending plastic glasses and cutlery, it is much better to keep on using year after year your old ceramic crockery that will never damage our planet the way plastic does.

When thinking about the gifts it is very important to buy experiences instead of material things. Sometimes we tend to buy without thinking if the present is going to be really useful and besides,  we contribute to the accumulation of waste at home. A really good idea is to buy theatre tickets or concerts tickets and even a voucher for Yoga classes. This can be something unforgettable and it is a unique experience. If you prefer to buy material things, try to choose eco gifts like the ones that you can find in the shop Grey Street Barcelona: clothing, accessories, and home goods among other things.

One last thing to make your Christmas more sustainable is to recover past outfits to look stunning during your celebrations. Try to avoid last time shopping, even though it is very tempting because brands are displaying all kind of outfits for New Year’s Eve. Just use your imagination and reuse and recycle!

Have a wonderful beginning of the year and think that a better future is possible. Happy Christmas!




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