Everybody wants to be stunning for Christmas celebrations. No matter if you have a work dinner or a family one, it is a time that we try to wear our best outfits to look fabulous. In any case, even thought Christmas dinner might be like a winter wedding, we should remember that less is more. It is important to dress the right outfit, right complements and the right make up. Dress cosy and comfortable, even though you might be thinking in those wonderful heels that you use just for these occasions…The first thing I would advice you would be to re use any of your dresses that you had already used before, just changing some complements like belts or layering with other things that could be original. If you want to wear for the first time an outfit then have a look at REFORMATION.

Reformation is an American brand that has its headquarters in L.A produced by responsible manufacturing partners and using sustainable methods and materials. They combine vintage styles incorporating new practices all along their supply chain in order to have less environmental impact. They used re usable tote bags, recycled hangers and you can send your clothes back to them when you want to get rid of them. So, I think Reformation is a brand that you have to keep among your favorites!




As they point out in their page “About 35% of our products are made out of “deadstock” fabrics. Textiles make up almost 6% of the trash entering U.S. landfills every year. We buy old, leftover, and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. This allows us to reuse and divert these materials from the landfill and into your closet. It looks better than it sounds.” They have awe inspiring designs, feminine and totally suitable for all kind of tastes. They use materials like viscose, tencel, recycled cotton and recycled polyester among others. You can check the amount of water, carbon dioxide and waste that they have used in each of their garments.



Here you have some good ideas on how to be stunning in Christmas, not just looking gorgeous but also taking care of the environmental impact that you clothes have on the Earth. Long dress, short dress, printed or just one color, Reformation has definitely the best looks for these coming Christmas celebrations, and New Year’s Eve. Give yourself a nice caprice and blow in the party with one of these wonderful outfits. Get the most of the day and have a wonderful Monday!


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