Are you part of the Revolution?

Are you part of the Revolution?

From the 22nd to the 28th of April will take place the Fashion Revolution Week. This event is a way to commemorate the tragic accident that took place in 2013, the collapse of the Rana Plaza building which killed 1,135 people in the country’s worst industrial disaster. The Rana Plaza garment complex became a symbol of global inequality. Since that date, the objective of the Fashion Revolution is to unite people and organizations to “work together towards a radical change in the way our clothing is produced and consumed, collaborating throughout the value chain, from the farmer to the consumer.” Besides, the apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil. It is important that we, as consumers take part in this matter and do something about it. We have to ask, governments, designers, fashion producers to work together in this redirection.

You can be part of this Fashion Revolution asking brands #whomademyclothes How? Take a selfie, showing your garment’s brand and ask the brand who made it? Share the Fashion Revolution 2019 key campaign assets and messages. Use your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram cover images to support the movement and raise awareness with fashion facts & quotes. Spread the word! You can do it through your own experience or other’s people’s experiences.

Check your city: There are events all over the world, like conferences, upcycling marathons, swap parties, exhibitions, panel discussions and all kind of activities related to this Fashion Revolution Week. As I am in Barcelona, I won’t miss the Upcycling marathon organised by Moda Sostenible Barcelona in BAU, University Center of Design (Barcelona). It will take place on April 24, starting at 11:30 in the morning. Fashion students from the University Design Center, will transform different second-hand clothes donated by Humana Spain into 30 completely new designs. The designs will be on display at the school also on April 25 and 26.

In any case, there might be many more! you just have to explore in the oficial page Fashion Revolution  select the country and the city,  and the the information will be there.

Have a wonderful Fashion Revolution Week!


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