A good diet to cleanse your system

A good diet to cleanse your system

After the cold temperatures and on the gates of the Spring time we always keep an eye on what we eat. There are many different kinds of diets, it all depends on what you want to focus on. Some diets use certain food and it is all based on them to make you feel better. I want to give you some tips to a good cleanse diet that will make your liver function better as is the organ in charge of purifying . This diet will clean your organism from deep inside. It is good to do it for some weeks and later keep eating healthy but changing some of the food to give some diversity to your meals. If you follow this diet for 7 days your organism will work better in a while.

Eat everyday a salad carrot and add to it some drops of lemon juice.

Take two cups of vegetal soup made of zucchini, celery and grinding parsley.

Drink two green juice everyday made of spinach, parsley, cabbage and zucchini. You can add to that, pineapple, apple or tomato juice to make it softer and more tasty.

A little glass of beetroot everyday.

Take everyday thistle soup as it have a strong cleansing properties and antioxidant that helps your liver to prevent the liver against damaging factors.


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